The Story

James BrownGrowing up in a tough part of town in Houston Texas most kids like myself had only a few options. The streets, sports or MUSIC. I choose music!!!! At the age of 2 years old, I began to show a gift that everyone noticed. I would use my fist as drumsticks to beat on the coffee table and pat my feet to the beat of any song that was played on the radio at home. I would even take all of the pots and pans out place them on the kitchen floor, get spoons and use them as drumsticks. The pots and pans were my first Drum Kit lol!!!

I love to play soo much that I would play in the car and one day I accidentally punched a hole in my mother car dashboard from beating on it. As the years went by I started to play for different churches, groups and concerts around the city. When I was not playing drums I would spend all my days and evenings at the neighborhood park playing basketball. I was pretty good so everyone called me Grant Hill because I had a nice 3 point shot and I would always wear Grant Hill Fila tennis shoes when I played. I was good but basketball didn’t last long because that burning passion for music would always take me away.

While growing up it was not easy. I would always get into trouble in school, from grades being low in Kindergarten to Fourth grade. I would do things from running out of class, writing graffiti on the boys restroom, to fighting and disrespecting my teachers. My mother prayed and disciplined me, but she made sure I went to every music rehearsal and performance I had. This was her way of getting me back on track because she knew I loved music. After that my grades and conduct improved drastically and I was no longer a trouble maker.

Fast forward a few years and I am doing well. I have had some musical success and Music has continued to keep me focus and grounded.

Having a T-shirt brand was a vision I saw many years ago but never made a move because I didn't know anything about T-shirts. I didn't consider myself an expert in anything other than music because I didn't have 10,000 hours. One day I was on Facebook and I saw an old college friend had just started a marketing company and I was to the point where I wanted to brand myself more as a musician and also find a way to inspire the world. I did a 30 minute consultation with her and after that call my mind exploded with ideas. I thought about designing a T-shirt that said " Music Saved My Life" to reach not just drummers but the entire music community and make a statement. I went ahead and had 25 shirts made and the whole movement took off!!!
After that I decided to create Musical Living Apparel which is a company that will make musical statements and create meaningful conversations connecting to life. We will donate to different missions and causes,  educate and last but not least help people move forward in life  and leave a lasting impact on the WORLD. One shirt. One hat. One conversation at a time.
Go grab you something here and let's impact the world together.